Leveling up user experience for largest fish and seafood producer in the region.


  • - UX/UI design
  • - Front-end development
  • - Back-end development

Services we provided

  • - Website design and development
  • - CMS development and integration


The client is the largest manufacturer of seafood and fish products in the Eastern Siberia region. The main service is the industrial processing and sale of high-quality marine goods.


The client reached out to us with the request to update the website and to make it fast, up-to-date and easy to use both for the customers and the managers.

The old website has been developed a few years ago and couldn't cover all the new demands. The client needed the new website to be oriented to several groups of the users such as retail customers, partners and applicants. Also, the updated website should display a whole range of the produced goods.


So our team started the work from the in-depth analyses of the existing website to determine the scope of the work.

It was agreed with the client that the best way to reach the necessary result is to make the full redesign of the website as well as to rebuild it, too.

It was developed the User flow map and the website structure.

According to this structure was developed the User interface design based on the corporate style guide.

Based on the design, was developed a fully responsive layout of the pages.

All the content of the website could be editable by the admin and managers.

Site map




Desktop 12 columns grid

  • Layout - 1440dp
  • Columns - 92dp
  • Gutters - 16dp

Mobile 2 columns grid

  • Layout - 375dp
  • Columns - 164dp
  • Gutters - 16dp

Custom icons