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  • - UX/UI design
  • - Business analyses
  • - Front-end development
  • - Back-end development


  • - Landing Page template
  • - Website design and custom-made pictures
  • - Fully responsive website
  • - API integration
  • - Payment Gateway integration


Our client is well-known in his field, a consultant and author of HR analytics courses. The main activity is HR courses and webinars for business owners and HR directors who are improving their HR departments.


The client referred to our team with the idea of developing his own online courses platform that would be human-friendly and would allow our client to host courses, webinars and share useful content in one place.

Therefore, the objective was to develop a straightforward and convenient website, easy to use and manage.


In this project, we started our work by collecting and analysing information in order to develop a handy website structure that will help to organize courses and information materials.

So we came up with the solution of dividing the courses and all the materials into sections, and then to apply a filtering system that is unique for each section.

That is how we have met the challenge of the development of user-friendly UX.

Also, our team, has developed the stylistic to identify the brand that was used across the whole project and in social media.

As a result, at the first stage of our work, we prepared the user flow, site structure, style guide and user interface design.

After the design was approved, responsive layouts were developed so that new pages can be easily created from the admin panel.

Thanks to this approach, the client can create new course pages, articles, webinars, careers and all other pages by simply adding the necessary information in the admin panel without the help of developers.

Users can easily find the desired course or webinar, register and pay for it, and receive notifications when it starts.

We developed a comprehensive solution consisting of a website with a course catalogue, course schedule, webinars, useful materials and a user account with all educational materials. It was also decided with the customer to integrate with a ready-made learning platform (LMS) in order to save time on developing the functionality of an educational user dashboard where users can watch online lessons, do homework, and communicate with a mentor.

In a sum we have developed a complex decision consisting of the website with catalogue of courses, course schedule, webinars, useful materials and the user dashboard with all learning materials.


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hr-analytics fonts


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Course card. Blocks and guides

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Courses page

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Materials page

Filters on desktop hr-analytics page
Filters on mobile hr-analytics page