Landing page for promotion of the pet owners' application

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  • - Front-end development
  • - Back-end development


  • - Landing Page
  • - Admin Dashboard
  • - API integration
  • - Payment Gateway integration


The client is an e-commerce company specialized in selling and delivering products andservices for pets.


The client already had developed cross-platform mobile applications and needed todevelop the Landing page that would solve two main tasks:The first challenge was to make a fast and SEO-optimized landing page to promote theapp and services.The second challenge was to integrate the payment system so that the user couldeasily subscribe to the services.And all of this should be integrated with the existing application and to have thecommon Database


Our team has developed the responsive layout according to the design and the user'saccount to be able to manage the subscriptions.A Payment system with different payment methods was connected to the landing page.Also, the admin dashboard was developed where it is possible to edit all the content ofthe Landing page. The dashboard also allows editing the subscription price and to seeall the users.The API method was developed to transfer user data to the database. This way, theuser logged into the landing page can log into the application and see the subscriptionsmade through the landing page.
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